Digi Camo 2mm Suit

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The Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo Wetsuit is a 2 piece spearfishing suit that comes with high waisted pants and a hooded jacket in a blue camouflage pattern. It is specifically designed for spearfishing and this is due to the fact that the suit is a camouflage with helps to blend you in to the underwater environment. With this 2 piece design it allows the diver to take off the jacket in warmer water to use the pants by themselves then put the jacket on in colder water. Being 2mm, this suit is a summer suit, however so divers will also wear it through winter. The outer material of the Rob Allen Digi 2mm is made from Yamamoto 39 neoprene and the inner material is a super stretch closed cell. Due to the fact that when spearfishing or freediving you could be in the water up to 7 hours in a session, this suit is a perfect pick. The wetsuit includes a non slip loading pad for chest loading spearguns and reinforced padded knees pads for protection and a built in hood.

  • Perfect for blue water tropical spearfishing.
  • Available in 2 piece 2mm
  • Flat locked seamed construction and Spandex Nylon inner for easy donning and maximum comfort
  • Premium Yamamoto neoprene type #39
  • Pre-formed cut in jackets and long-johns to create a better fit and allows for greater manoeuvrability
  • Double layered chest loading pads and kneepads for maximum comfort and protection


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