Metal Trigger Mechanism

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  • Micro-adjust the trigger sensitivity
  • Ergonomically built
  • Detachable loading butt

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Salvimar Steel Handle Complete has been ergonomically built; everything about it, from the loading butt to the grip, feels exactly right.

You may micro-adjust the trigger sensitivity with the steel handle by winding it up (or down) according to your liking with a simple twist of a screw to get the trigger press exactly right.

The speargun’s colours are black and olive, and the handle has a pistol-grip style with a detachable loading butt. 

Even with your arm fully extended, it is easy to hold the Salvimar Metal Speargun in your hands.  You have a good, unobstructed line of sight all the way to your shaft’s tip.  Once you’ve used the safety switch a few times, you’ll be able to immediately “feel” if it’s on (or off) without taking your eyes off your target fish. The safety switch is located right beneath your thumb.

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