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The Fluyd range has been developed to offer the right product for Freedivers both competitive and recreational exploring the planets waters.

A great freediving fin needs to be efficient, comfortable and responsive to the diver’s movements, which all starts with the foot pocket.

The Fluyd Turn 151 foot pocket has a unique set of features that make it ideally suited to long days of exploring and training both out in open water, and in the pool working on technique.

You will find this foot pocket across our premium fin range of Turn 151, Fibra 151 and Carbo 151.

Foot pocket features:

  • 29-degree angled foot pocket: this reduces strain on the back and legs, ensuring the fin is working at the correct angle with the leg to maximise energy transfer.
  • The solid footbed ensures correct instep and heel support and allows maximum transfer of energy.
  • Kevlar reinforced footbridge: The Kevlar strands are moulded into the natural rubber footbridge. This limits the flex of the foot pocket and keeps the power of your kick going into the blade.
  • Split heel tongue: often the rear of the foot pocket during kicking and streamlining can dig into the tendons at the back of your foot. By slitting this section into a V, we create clearance for the tendons during streamlining.
  • Natural rubber material: natural rubber contours to the shape of the foot improving over time more so than other materials, and has a natural elastic property which helps load the blade with energy through the kick cycle

The blade is what moves the water creating thrust, and a blade must be responsive but not stiff. With freediving, conservation of oxygen and energy is essential and the need to ensure maximum production of thrust for the least amount of energy is recognised. A soft responsive blade is the way to go.

The Turn 151 blade features include:

  • 29-degree built-in angle: reducing drag during the glide phase and keeping the blade in the appropriate angle during a relaxed kick stroke.
  • Polypropylene blade which has been fine-tuned to the optimal stiffness for efficient energy transfer.
  • The ability to upgrade to Fiberglass or Carbon blades as your skill level increases.

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