Ocean Hunter

“Born in Australian Waters” in not some marketers tagline, it’s the very fabric from which the Ocean Hunter brand was developed and launched with back in 2008. Living and breathing the Ocean on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Ocean Hunter founders Russell Kitt and Adrian Briggs saw the opportunity within the developing sport of spearfishing, for a new brand, offering the widest range, that was at forefront of the hottest new releases all at affordable prices for the customer.

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With Russell now retired from involvement in the brand, Adrian continues to drive the range forward with new product developments specifically designed for Australian conditions. A mad keen Spearo, Adrian’s ideas come from his time spent travelling to outer reefs or locally chasing Schnapper, Calamari and the incredible South Rock Lobster found on the doorstep of the Ocean Hunter office. This “living what you do” attitude extends to the entire development team at Ocean Hunter who are all passionate spearos from all regions of Australia, providing location specific product needs that drives Ocean Hunters extensive range of products. All Ocean Hunter products are born in Australian waters and delivered via the industries broadest network of retail partners offering the best deals, epic giveaways and more.

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The envy of competitive brands both locally and overseas, many of the Ocean Hunter signature products designed over the years, remain some of the most popular and commonly used by divers or all levels. The Ocean Hunter Core 3 wetsuit, sporting the proprietary Chameleon Camo has been copied by many, but replicated by none, remaining the market leader in the one piece 3mm wetsuit design year after year.

The Chameleon Camo has proven so popular and effective in use, that it has been expanded across a full line of wetsuits including the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme and more recently the Chameleon Open Cell and 2 piece Lycra top and bottom. The Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere float is known by all serious blue water divers and is regularly referred to as “best in category”. So much so that its use has become global, with many diving the product in places like Florida, Dubai and the South Pacific.

The Ocean Hunter Ambush fin dominates the removable plastic blade fin category and has become a go too, not only for Spearo’s, but also proving incredibly popular with female free divers due to its stunning fish scale camo blade design. An incredibly comfortable and versatile foot pocket makes the Ambush Fins the perfect segway product for spearos looking to upgrade their fins as their diving evolves.


Hunting Crayfish is a passion for many members of the Ocean Hunter team in regions where Cray’s are plentiful, such as Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales and has lead to many innovative products being built specifically for the customer sharing this same passion. The heavy duty catch bag, Ocean Hunter strike kevlar 2mm dive gloves and Spring Loaded catch bag series are a classic examples. Filming your best catch under your secret local ledge has become the norm, so too is using the Ocean Hunter Phantom GP mask which allow for easy mounting of the ever popular Go Pro Camera.


Ocean Hunter understands clearly that the youth is the future of the sport and like no other brand, caters specifically for this market with youth specific spearfishing products. Many competitive brands have tried, but cut corners by simply using adult products, designed for use in European waters, built for targeting European fish species. On the contrary, Ocean Hunter understand in the young customer needs and has been first to market with products like the Ocean Hunter Phantom Youth Mask and Snorkel Set, Ocean Hunter predator mask, Spirit long bladed fin in Youth sizes and the Chameleon Extreme High Stretch suit with a size range catering for small adults to the early teens. Specialising in handspears, both in Aliminuim and Fibreglass in variuos lengths also cater to the younger diver. Certain accessories like the Ocean Hunter mako head, lend themseleves to safe pactice for younger more inexperienced divers.

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Whether you are looking for a pair of 1 5mm socks, 3mm socks, a spare dyneema bridle, dex 2mm dive gloves or some spare rubber 16mm, Ocean Hunter has one of the most comprehensive and complete range of accessories available. The Ocean Hunter accessories are designed to be cost effective, yet robust and long lasting to grow with you as your diving grows. The assassin knife with assassin knife strap assembly is a classic example. Sleek effective and long lasting. Mount many types of knife over the years to the one arm strap giving you the ultimate versatility and product longevity. Carrying your gear neatly and effectively in a bag is essential for longevity. The viking roller bag is again the ultimate long-term accessory designed to cover your needs both locally and when travelling nationally or abroad.


Ocean Hunter Ocean Hunter Ocean Hunter is what we aim to deliver across the nation. With a coastline that spans over 59,000km, a population who’s DNA is made from salt water and a recent boom in the sport of spearfishing, Ocean Hunter has quickly built a huge network of stores across Australia. This means more consumer access, to more Ocean Hunter iii products, from more locations than any other brand.
North to south, east to west, no other country has such diverse marine life; from our warm coral reefs to the temperate waters of the south. Ocean Hunter is designed and developed by a team of experienced spearfishermen and sold by trained specialists, based all around our beautiful coast to make sure our equipment is suited to wherever your local beach may be.