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Spearfishing Australia was born from a single pure driven obsession and is making waves across one of the hottest marketplaces in the world. Unlike other platforms, we are more than just a website or social sharing platform. Spearfishing Australia is a unique group of active enthusiasts, industry influencers and retail partners with an unmatched level of product knowledge and spearfishing expertise.
Share with us your stories, underwater photography, videos and reviews of your favourite spearfishing gear. Learn from and share knowledge with the ever-growing group of Spearfishing enthusiasts from Australia, New Zealand and across the globe by engaging in the Spearfishing Australia social channels. Gain industry first access to new products, promotions, competitions and initiatives before any other group. Seek advise from our expert team at head office or from one of the many Spearfishing Australia Partner stores across Australia. Want to know what spear gun is best suited to you and your target species, or what speargun rubber specifications should you use on your set up? The Spearfishing Australia team can provide you the answers. Learn about things like the seasonality of fish in your local region and gain access to industry leaders and all the guidelines that are so important for sustaining and maintaining critical fish stocks within our sensitive local fisheries.

Join the community, understand and learn the critically important safety aspects of spearfishing, from safe entry and exit during shore diving, to the correct use of a float line and float combination. The safest methods of loading spear shafts into your handle mechanism and that fact that the only truly safe speargun, is one that is not loaded. Discover how freedive computers can help you safely improve your breath hold and increase your diving time ultimately leading to that trophy fish you’ve always dreamed of. Understand why a dive flag is so important whilst spearfishing (and scuba diving) and the variety, types and sizes available in the Spearfishing Australia web store and what they are for. Learn from the latest content across our digital channels about Spearfishing fins, plastic blades vs carbon blades and the various stiffnesses and what that means to your diving.

Whether your a beginner trying out hand spears for the first time or you are already blue water hunting in deep water off your favourite outer reef, by joining and following the Spearfishing Australia movement, you are becoming part of some of the biggest brands in Spear. Access intimate knowledge and direct contact with the teams from Rob Allen, Salvimar, Ocean Hunter and MVD. Provide market place feedback directly to the team who are involved in the product development for the brands. Do you have some ideas on a design for 2 mm, 3.5 mm and 5 mm spearfishing wetsuits? What about spearfishing gloves, or a new idea for weight belts or unique weight belt accessory that you may have knocked up at home? Any ideas to help improve the safety or convenience of the boat and shore dive spearfishing experience, we are all ears. Spearfishing Australia is the platform to let us know and we may just be able to make it a reality. Meet industry legends like Rob Allen at VIP events and get level one access to the educational seminars run by our national sales team and the Spearfishing Australia Partner stores Australia wide.

Should you choose the convenience of purchasing on-line via www.spearfishingaustralia.com you will be asked to select a Partner on check-out. This activates the Spearfishing Australia shared commerce program. Your local Spearfishing Partner is financially involved in the transaction and most importantly is there to offer all the after sales support and service you may need post the transaction.

Everything we do is for and about Spearfishing. So, if like us, the draw of the Ocean is irrepressible, Spearfishing Australia is for you. Join the movement today by following our social channels, exploring the huge range of products the site has to offer and connecting with your nearest Spearfishing Australia partner store today.