Marseille Weight Belt Coloured

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  • High stretch quality rubber improves diver comfort and ensures the belt depth compensates to remain firm on the diver throughout the dive
  • Stainless steel Marseille buckle with offset pin to ensure a quick release if required
  • Available in 3 colours – Red, White or Blue
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Ocean Hunter Marseille Weight Belt Coloured

All new weight belt which features quality rubber that offers great stretch for improved diver comfort this also allows for compensation due to wetsuit compression at depth.  The Belt is available in 3 colours and comes standard with the popular Marseille type buckle with an offset pin to ensure a quick release is achieved if required.


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1 review for Marseille Weight Belt Coloured

  1. 1 Reviews

    Fabio Leitao

    I had the chance to try out the new Ocean Hunter Marseille Weight Belts on my last spearfishing trip and definitely this belt surprised me in a good way. This new belt is made of a higher stretch rubber which brings 2 major advantages. First, because it stretches more it compensates Wetsuit compression well at depth, so your belt is more likely to stay always on that sweet spot while you dive. Secondly, being easy stretch makes it a lot more comfortable, as you can adjust it on your hips not compromising how tight it will be ( reinforcing advantage 1). In terms of safety, the belt comes it a pin buckle (Marseille), where the pin always point away form the belt, so you can easily remove your belt with only one hand in case of an emergency not running the risk of re-engaging on the belt. The belt has plenty of holes so you can find your sweet spot, and also the rubber has some grooves creating more “adhesion” to the wetsuit.
    With 3 different colours available ( Blue, Red and White) you can choose the colour that best matches your wetsuit and also makes it a lot easier to identify yours on a boat full of weight belts

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