Noah Mask

$149.00 inc GST

  • Lightweight and strong form ensures a comfortable position on the face
  • 3D nose pocket creates more efficient equalisation
  • Adjustable straps with easy squeeze clips
  • Dual-tempered ultra-resistant glass lenses
  • Matt finish interior to minimize reflections
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt with internal lip for a better seal
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Salvimarā€™s flagship freediving and deep spearfishing mask! The Noah mask features all the latest mask technology to create a top of the range low profile mask.

Integrated frame mould technology which allows the mask to have a slimmer frame and reduced overall size, weight and internal volume while increasing field of vision. Features a textured silicone skirt and over moulding. This helps when equalising and the over-moulding ensures the entire mask is soft and comfortable.

The lens shape and angle towards the face maximise the field of view and light available to the eyes without increasing the internal volume. Extremely low internal volume at a functional volume of only 94ml when the mask is fitted to the face.
The head strap has the shape to comfortably secure your snorkel and is available is 2 colours.




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