Rockhopper Backpack

$199.00 inc GST

  • Heavy-Duty PVC Construction
  • Oversized Long-Blade Fin Pocket
  • Adjustable Shoulder & Chest Strap Assembly
  • Insulated Fish Catch Pocket
  • Intergrated Carry Handle
  • Breathable Mesh Panels
  • Speargun Bungee Mounts
  • Cinch-Down QR buckles and Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Accessory Mount Bungee
  • Draining Eyelets

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The perfect blend of convenience and capacity is found with the Ocean Hunter Rockhopper backpack. Expertly crafted with heavy-duty PVC construction, this backpack boasts an oversized long-blade fin pocket and adjustable shoulder and chest strap assembly for ample storage and secure comfortable wear during use. Keep your catch fresh and cool with the insulated fish catch pocket. Speargun bungee mounts allow the mounting of two guns while cinch-down QR buckles and heavy-duty zippers ensure security of your valuable gear. Accessory mount bungee offer customisation option, while draining eyelets ensure your bag drains and dries during and after carrying wet gear. The Rockhopper backpack the perfect companion for your next spearfishing adventure.


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