Rob Allen Australia

Rob Allen

The founder of Rob Allen Spearguns. Born in 1958, Rob Allen his formative years as a fisherman off the coast of South Africa. At 22, while working for the Natal Sharks Board, Rob decided to get in the water…this experience changed his life forever!

It answered many questions he had about the habits of fish, their actions and reactions and the undersea environment in general. Like most spearfishermen, Rob Allen was constantly trying new things and modifying his equipment to perform better and eventually began developing his own guns. During this period, Rob was working as a marine ranger while living at Cape Vidal.

Here he was able to listen to different ideas and experiences from the many experienced spearfishermen who came to Cape Vidal for the big game fish it had to offer. From these frequent encounters and dive opportunities, Rob was able to test new ideas on the spot. By South African standards, Rob Allen’s first spearguns were much bigger than the norm and many divers thought of the guns as too big and too long. Once the equipment was in the water it was a different story – very good fish were taken at long range. Very soon, Rob Allen was spending every spare moment building spearguns. Eventually in 1988, unable to keep up with the two jobs, he decided to take the plunge and went into building spearguns and accessories commercially.

Jeremy Williams

Partner and shareholder with Rob, Jeremy Williams Began spearfishing in 1974 off the KwaZulu-Natal coast. With no “off the shelf” guns available he was forced to build his own. Most of Jeremys early diving was skewed towards competitions and his equipment was developed for reef fish and cave diving. In the mid 80’s he was already experimenting with Rob Allen products using Aircraft Grade Aluminium, Spring Steel, Carbon Fibre and Titanium.

First gaining his Provincial Colours in 1979, he went on to represent South Africa in competitions in Chile, Peru and the USA. In recent years he has acted as Coach and Manager to the South African Spearfishing Team.

Qualified as a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer, he provides a strong theoretical input during the design and testing of all the Rob Allen products. Rob Allen and Jeremy Williams have been manufacturing spearfishing gear since 1982. Their guns have grown in popularity and due to their simplicity and strength can withstand almost any water conditions. Today the brand is one of the world’s most popular and now has a distribution network, covering more than 40 countries, none bigger than the Spearfishing Australia network found across Australia.

Spearfishing Australia

In March 2010, scuba diving distribution company Australian Underwater Product (now facing consumers as Spearfishing Australia), made its entry into the Spearfishing marketplace by acquiring the exclusive rights to the Rob Allen brand within Australia and started its long-term relationship with Rob & Jeremy. Whilst strong at the time, the Rob Allen business within the Australian market, has grown year on year since 2010 to become by far the most the dominant brand within the marketplace today. The dedicated team of active Spearos at Spearfishing Australia, not only live and breath Rob Allen, they also have a huge input into the design and development of products. Neil Dorrian, NSW area representative says; “creating products with Rob & Jeremy that are suited specifically to the Australian waters and the needs of our local divers is the most exciting part of my role.” “Personally testing a product in the field, making tweaks and changes to the performance and having input into the look of a new Rob Allen product, gets me out of bed each day”, states Bjorn Neilson, QLD area representative. Adrian Briggs CEO Spearfishing Australia, says; “Our relationship with Rob, Jeremy and the Rob Allen brand, is like no other brand that we distribute” ” We work with them so closely on concepts and ideas across product, price and marketing, that we really feel an integral part of the brand and the Rob Allen team”, states Briggs. Spearfishing Australia is a collective of retail partners and diving professionals across Australia, dedicated to supplying the best support and products, like Rob Allen, too divers country wide.

One brand, so many records

Rob Allen spearguns, particularly the range of rail guns, have captured more world records than any other. With so many World Record fish being landed by Rob Allen gear it is a testament to the effectiveness against some of the fastest, most powerful fish in the ocean. When faced with that fish of a lifetime, you can rely on Rob Allen. From scoring your first personal best in local waters using the entry level design of the Rob Allen Scorpia, to ticking off the largest pelagic species from your wish list with one of the new roller guns, with drop barb shaft configuration, Rob Allen has your equipment needs covered.

The rest is up to you.

Rob Allen Lifetime Warranty

Rob Allen in conjunction with Spearfishing Australia offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty upgrade for all Rob Allen Spearguns purchased from an authorised reseller within Australia or online from Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage will only apply to products purchased in Australia, accompanied by proof of purchase and those that are registered correctly and in-full within the Spearfishing Australia Warranty database.

Spearfishing Australia warrants that it will fix, repair or replace any defective Rob Allen Speargun as described above, at no cost to the consumer other than the expense of the consumer returning any defective product to their nearest Spearfishing Australia (SA) Partner. Spearguns may also be returned directly to Spearfishing Australia Head office. After service, the Speargun will then be returned to the SA Partner for collection, or to the Consumer at no cost, with the balance of the applicable warranty intact.

All Rob Allen Spearguns sold within Australia are provided with a 12 month Warranty. This 12 month warranty will cover against any defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications. Registered product will have the warranty upgraded from 12 months to Limited Lifetime, please refer to what the upgraded Warranty actually covers below.

Conditions for Limited Lifetime Warranty Upgrade:

  1. The Rob Allen speargun details must be registered with Spearfishing Australia within 30 days of purchase. This registration should be completed online, by you or the Spearfishing Australia Partner you purchased from. You can register your product online here:
  2. It is the consumers sole responsibility to ensure that the product is registered.
  3. The Rob Allen Speargun must only be used as intended for normal recreational fishing purposes.
  4. Only Rob Allen spearguns purchased within Australia are applicable to the Warranty upgrade.
  5. Only Rob Allen spearguns purchased via authorised Spearfishing Australia Partners or via are applicable to the Warranty Upgrade.
  6. This warranty shall be void if the speargun has been tampered with or modified by a person (or persons) not authorised by Rob Allen and Spearfishing Australia to perform such service.
  7. The warranty is non transferable and extends to the original purchaser only.
  8. Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the Rob Allen Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  9. Perishable and consumable items, including but not limited to Gun Rubbers, Gun Bungees, Bridles, Shooting Line, Crimps and Shafts are excluded from the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  10. To maintain this Limited Lifetime Warranty, you must maintain your own proof of purchase.

Please note that this warranty is offered in addition to any other rights that the consumer may have under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Additionally, failure to register eligible product does not diminish the consumers warranty rights.

Genuine Rob Allen Rubber

Rob Allen has been working with latex tubing for spearguns for years. Testing and retesting until he found the right manufacturer and mix to ensure his guns have the best, most consistent bands, to ensure accuracy over hundreds of shots. Rob Allens focus was on offering a latex band that could maintain its tension for as long as possible. The focus for Rob was to have a rubber that could be cut to peak performance, (say 60kg tension) when loaded, but only loose a couple kg’s of tension after an extended period (say 40min). This is important in maintaining accuracy and speed. It’s what makes the difference between genuine Rob Allen rubber and cheaper brands.  Many other bands will load up to a peak tension of say 60kg but then within 5-10min will drop back down to 44-46kg, so they are losing large amounts of power over a short time, thus affecting spear trajectory, accuracy and speed.

The key is consistent quality of the raw material latex and the manufacturing technique and environment. Rob Allen rubber is a laminated pure latex core with a UV resistant outer layer. Testament to the quality and performance of the genuine Rob Allen Rubber is reflected in the sales across Australia. Since taking over the brand in 2010, Spearfishing Australia has sold over 100,000 metres of rubber enough to circle an olympic 400m track some 250 times.

Rob Allen rubber is available in 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm, so you can fine-tune the power and delivery for your guns needs. It is highly recommended to select options with your nearest Spearfishing Australia Partner for the most appropriate rubber thickness and length to suit your diving needs.

Rob Allen Genuine Accessories

With the best Spearguns in the world, comes the best accessory range. Rob Allen genuine accessories are renowned as being the best on the market by resellers the world over. From float lines, to a simple swivel clip, to adding a loading butt to your gun or the every popular Rob Allen cray net bag, there is an extensive line of accessories to suit your every need. Only the best material vendors make it through the rigorous Rob Allen quality checks and into the production line. Add some to your dive bag today and rest assured for your fishing in the future.

Rob Allen Masks, a divers best friend

Arguably the most important piece of any divers kit, a properly fitted mask can be the difference between landing that prize fish and the worst diving experience of your life. Masks, such as the Rob Allen Couta Mask, Cubera and Snapper all offer low volume, supreme comfort and excellent visibility. Choose between a Split lens, lower volume mask or a single lens mask that provides better overall visibility.  All Rob Allen Masks us 100% liquid Silicone skirts that enables easy equalisation and offer incredible fit and comfort during use. Lenses are available in clear or flash-tinted lens to shield against UV rays and provide better visibility in low-light.  Rob Allen has a mask designed to fit most face shapes. Getting a mask that fits to the individual shape of your face is the key. For a customer fitting experience, visit a Spearfishing Australia Partner today or shop via the website and make the most of the hassle free returns policy to select and find the mask that suits you best.

Spearfishing Australia Partners

Spearfishing Australia Partners are a network of stores across Australia servicing customers nation wide with the best brands, service, industry knowledge and know how available. Independently owned an operated each has their own unique offerings. Specialists on rigging, advise and with access to the best warranty programs and direct brand back up service programs, your next purchasing decision will be made simple at a Spearfishing Australia. Offerings to customers like flat rate shipping, free shipping, click and collect are just the beginning. For, phone number, website or email address of your nearest partner, visit

Should you choose the convenience of purchasing on-line via you will be asked to select a Partner on check-out. This activates the Spearfishing Australia shared commerce program. Your local Spearfishing Partner is financially involved in the transaction and most importantly is there to offer all the after sales support and service you may need post the transaction. For details of how this transaction effect your privacy please our privacy policy at