Artemis Cell 5mm Pant


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Aptly named after the Greek Goddess of The Hunt the “Artemis” Wetsuit is a full featured Open Cell Wetsuit for Ladies.
Featuring a striking yet functional camouflage pattern, combined with a high stretch Open Cell inner for increased warmth and comfort.
All seams are of Glued and Blind stitch construction to improve warmth and minimise the ingress of water.
The Artemis is of 2 piece construction featuring a Hooded Jacket with a thick loading pad on the chest and a high waisted Pant, these are available in split sizes enabling the diver to customise the wetsuit to fit perfectly.
Whilst the Artemis has been designed with Spearfishing in mind, this wetsuit will also be perfect for Freediving and Snorkelling activities making for a great crossover product into all other diving activities.

Striking yet functional camouflage pattern helps to conceal the diver when spearfishing and looks great on!

High Stretch Open Cell inner for increased Warmth and Comfort

2 piece construction with split sizes available to ensure the best possible fit

Thick chest loading pad to give protection whilst loading your speargun

Effective for all diving activites including freediving, snorkelling and scuba

Requires lubrication of the Open Cell material when donning, we use and recommend Rob Allen Slippy

Jacket Sold Separately


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