16mm Bulk Rubber Green (Rob Allen)

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The national best selling Rob Allen 16mm powerband material is now available in more colours to customise your favourite rob Allen retail gun.  High quality Dipped latex bands to Rob Allens own specifications ensures excellent performance with minimal drop off in peak load during a dive session. The latest colour being released for this year is Rob Allen Neon Green .

Rob Allen rubber is renowned for its excellent energy storage and explosive power. Ideal for smaller flightier fish in a single 16mm band application with a 6.6mm or 7mm. Or dual 16mm band application and a 7 or 7.5mm shaft for larger bodied fish.  For divers hunting with roller guns this band material is sensational ensuring amble punch at the beginning of the shot and maintaining power through to the end of the shot.


  • Laminated latex powerbands
  • Genuine Rob Allen rubber
  • Neoprene green colour
  • 16mm diameter


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