Breakaway Bungie with Swivel Clip

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  • Compatible with all railguns and spearguns
  • Connects the spear line to your rigging line
  • Uses your guns existing line release so that no extra parts are required
  • Easy to install
  • Can be removed easily

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When utilising low-stretch 2 mm Nylon or Dynema, spear line bungees facilitate the rigging of spearguns. Additionally, they lessen the possibility of the line slipping off the release hook when diving in choppy waters. With 180 kg of delicately woven Dynema cored through.

Made with significant bluewater hunting purposes in mind. compatible with all railguns and spearguns. enables you to hold the speargun after shooting by attaching the spear line to your rigging line. Bungee uses the existing line release on your gun, so no additional parts are needed. Only after the spear is released from the mechanism will the attached loop, which hooks onto the line release, allow the bungee to deploy.


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