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This is a lot more than just a sock. It is a sock that utilizes our trilaminate material, so itÕs super comfy. ItÕs one of our most popular items bc when you put it on you realize just how comfortable it is. Some of our staff wear these socks to keep warm in winter.

ItÕs a sock thatÕs used for water sports so itÕs not an everyday sock. It can be used under a neoprene boot? Or on its own. You can see that at the top it has a neoprene seal that wonÕt allow water inside the sock.

They are warm, andstylish. The branding underneath is not just a branding feature but also functional as tread. It adds a NordstromÕs feel. Watersports has a lot of slick surfaces, so the additional tread grip helps.

It took a couple of iterations to find the right design. We were already using our trilaminate material, so it was just getting the fit right.

What took the most time was getting the cuts right. The important part is getting the heel right. Getting the seam above the heel assured us that no pressure was on that seam, so no damage could occur.

Most sock patterns are just two pieces of flat material sewn together. We used a pattern to conform to the shape of the foot, then another to conform to the Achilles heel. We put a lot of effort into getting that right. We knew it was right, when the staff started asking if they could wear them around the office.

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