Nomad Reel Gun

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  • The latest generation Rob Allen Vecta handle load tested to 400kg+
  • Heavy Duty anodized aluminium Barrel with integrated rail
  • The Versatile Rob Allen semi closed muzzle
  • Single 18mm power band ensuring plenty of power and quick reloading.
  • Rob Allen 7mm double notch 7mm shaft
  • Rob Allen Low profile reel with 45m of dyneema line.
  • Available in 90-130cm barrel lengths.
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The Rob Allen Nomad reel gun would have to be the best, most versatile gun on the market. The Nomad is unique for Australia. The design takes one of the most common gun layouts that is modified aftermarket and making it a factory spec product.

With a limited Lifetime warranty on core components you know you’ve got support when it matters. Rob Allen has huge confidence in his line of products, and he wants to ensure you do too.

The Nomad carries on the Rob Allen legend with some changes to keep it at the top of the game. Effectively take the ever-popular Sparid and hot it up with your favourite Rob Allen accessories and you have a reel gun for all occasions and adventures. Perfect for Spearo’s travelling around Australia or the world exploring new areas and hunting unique species.

The Nomad reel gun is design to evolve with your spearfishing and have you covered regardless of where your diving from.

From the southern reefs and weed beds of Victoria hunting Squid to Kingfish in Sydney, Giant Tusk fish in Moreton bay or Spanish mackerel and coral trout on the Great Barrier Reef, the Nomad is the perfect partner.

The pursuit of spearfishing is continuously evolving, and divers are looking further afield and traveling to follow the seasons for quality table fish.

It would be safe to say that the Rob Allen line of spearguns are legend in the spearfishing industry with hundreds of records and countless thousands of happy customers coming home after a successful day spearfishing, thanks to Rob Allen spearguns.

Rob Allen is known worldwide for his meticulous attention to detail and testing of every change made on his guns. He does not change for the sake of it but only to continue to evolve the perfect tool for hunting our waters.

The Nomad Reel gun features:

  • Low profile semi-closed muzzle
  • Robust lightweight integrated rail barrel in green camo
  • Ergonomic pistol grip handle with soft touch over grip
  • Sear activated line release
  • Solid anchor point with silent webbing loop
  • The best quality RA 18mm powerband with dyneema bridle
  • HD 400lb monofilament shooting line
  • 7mm hardened spring steel spear with tri-cut tip, HD barb and pin,
  • Easy disconnect gun swivel clip line connection
  • Field friendly no tool maintenance.

Robs methodical approach and gruelling testing in South Africa and around the world has led to a series of developments which are now industry standards.

The Rob Allen Nomad Railgun is the most versatile in the Rob Allen range and includes all the features needed to bring home your next family meal or that trophy fish you’ve been stalking for months no matter the location.


Low profile muzzle

The semi-closed Rob Allen muzzle is a perfect example of efficient, effective engineering. By looking closely at the key requirements for accurate shooting, ease of reloading and ease of maintenance, Rob Allen worked to reduce the overall size and weight and minimize the amount of material around the spear, to ensure easy target acquisition and reliable, consistent aiming.

Replaceable Powerband

The ability to replace the factory powerband and/or add a powerband without any tools has allowed divers to fine-tune their Scorpia Railgun quickly to account for conditions and target species. Hunting fish in and around the rocks, simply run 1 16mm powerband.  Find yourself in clear water hunting Spanish Mackerel at range, no problems, add an additional 16mm from your gear bag quickly to increase power.

Integrated rail alloy barrel

Rob Allen pioneered the use of an integrated aluminium rail barrel into his guns decades ago to help support the shaft and increase barrel strength. This allowed for a lightweight gun with much greater power while remaining laser accurate. This barrel design continues on today using the highest aerospace-grade alloys to create a reliable, lightweight and efficient barrel as the backbone of your speargun.

The Rob Allen Vecta 2 handle and mechanism

Handle and mechanism of your speargun are vital. The wrong shape and angle will result in difficult aiming and inconsistent accuracy due to recall. Rob Allen works endlessly on small minute details on his Vecta series of handles to make them an easy, accurate and reliable system for hunting fish.

Latest Vecta 2 handle offers:

    • Active line release working off the sear, this eliminates any issues with shooting line tension and shaft load. This result in a more consistent release and trigger pull. Ask any target shooter and repetitive consistency is the key to accuracy.
    • Large rounded spear through to allow a wide range of shafts and shooting lines to be used with minimal wear. 6mm-8mm shafts are no problem.
    • Ergonomic handle with soft touch over mould, designed to direct and reduce recall and muzzle lift and give a comfortable, secure and consistent grip with a natural and easy reach to the trigger. It’s all about accuracy and maximizing energy to the spear.
    • Solid anchor with swivel shark clip. A solid and reliable attachment point for your float line. When you get the shot on that fish of a lifetime you don’t want to worry about whether your gun will come back.

1 x 18mm powerband

The engine for your speargun. The key to a consistent and powerful speargun is the powerband. Rob Allen has spent countless hours working on the band lengths and latex composition of his signature powerbands to ensure minimal energy drop over time, and consistent band stretch and energy levels. This combines to give you a reliable power output and aiming point. Combined with lightweight and streamlined dyneema bridles, these bands are magic. By tuning the band length to the sweet spot for the rubber, Rob can perfect the band and power for each length speargun.

Rob Allen 7mm spring steel spear:

It’s no secret Rob Allen makes the straightest, toughest spears around. The spear design is classic Rob Allen and has again become a reference point for spears the world over, many times copied but never bettered.

    • Heat-treated spring steel hardened to 2100mpa, resisting bending and breaking
    • Machine ground tri-cut tip for busting through scale and bone
    • Heavy-duty zinc electroplated outer coating to resist corrosion and glare
    • Two loading notches that are smooth and rounded to fit dyneema bridle perfectly
    • Drilled and smoothed shooting line anchor point
    • Every RA shaft is straightened and tested by hand to ensure the straightest, most accurate spear you’ll ever use
    • HD spring stainless steel pin and thick heavy-duty stainless-steel barb, resists sheering even on the biggest fish, and are all tuned to engage and lock on the penetration of the fish.


It’s the small things that matter, the slightest bend or out of line spear or barb has a huge impact on accuracy.

HD swivel clip and 400lb reinforced monofilament rigging

Swivel clip keeps the shooting line at the perfect tension and allows for some give in the system during the shot and fight. The swivel clip helps when removing fish from the spear and allows for a fast changeover in the event of a damaged or jammed spear. HD 400lb mono has excellent abrasion resistance and will handle a huge amount of abuse over rocks and coral.

Tool free maintenance and service

Coastlines of South Africa and Australia are remote harsh environments and all tools and equipment should be cleaned and maintained. Rob Allen spends more time than most in the middle of nowhere hunting elusive species with very limited equipment. Rob Allen’s focus from the beginning was to be able to clean and replace spears, powerbands and shooting line with minimal tools. As a result, a simple wash down in freshwater, band, spear and shooting line replaced by hand when necessary is all that’s needed. Simply take a couple of spare rigged spears and some premade looped powerbands and you’re good for your next week-long spearfishing adventure.

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5 reviews for Nomad Reel Gun

  1. 5 Reviews

    Rufus Morse

    Excellent gun, have shot a variety of pelagics and Demersals and it hasn’t let me down!

  2. 5 Reviews


    Looks nice I’m keen to use it

  3. 5 Reviews


    Looks nice, keen to use it on the bigger fish

  4. 5 Reviews


    Looks good

  5. 5 Reviews


    Really affordable!

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