Pole Spear 14mm

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Salvimar Polespear is an in house designed and manufactured specialty product. This Spear is designed for fast-moving and flighty species where speed is more important than hitting power.

The pole is built around a two-piece 14mm diameter custom made alloy spear.  It is light, rigid and very fast. Perfect on Snapper, Bream, Tailor, Trevally and Coral Trout etc.

The hand spear features a well finished end cap for the band placement ensuring the band is protected and in line with the spear when loaded.

The three-prong paralyser tip has excellent holding power compared with other polespear style heads but remains fast due to its streamlined profile. As it hits the target the prongs splay outwards holding the fish. It’s an excellent system and once you try it you won’t go back to anything else.

A quality polespear that could be your first entry into underwater hunting, it will help teach you how to hunt and approach fish. A fantastic way to learn before progressing to a speargun.

Or it’s great for those looking for a new challenge! Pick up a polespear and get back to basics.  It’s an entirely new challenge.




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