ST-Atlantis Knife

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  • Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated edges
  • Blade length: 9.5cm.
  • In-built shaft removal / straightening notch
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The Salvimar ST-Atlantis Knife is a uniquely designed and built handy underwater despatch knife, with a 9.5cm stiletto blade smooth on one side and serrated sharpening on the other. A strap over the ergonomically designed hand grip offers the benefit of a unique “hands free” hold of the knife enabling full use of your hands underwater.

Salvimar’s manufacturing background is routed in steel fabrication and machining. When Salvimar set their sights on building a solid versatile spearfishing knife you better believe it’s a good one.

In-built shaft removal / straightening notch

Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated edges

Blade length: 9.5cm.

Built for disassembly and maintenance

Includes impact resistant sheath for fitting to weight belt

The Salvimar Atlantic ST Blade is a compact knife with a large blade and is very robust. Ideal for any fish from Bream to Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel.

Using a high-quality stainless steel base, the full tang frame and blade offer some key tools to the avid spearfisherman:

  • Robust stiletto blade
  • Smooth edge on one side for quick cuts and good penetration when dispatching a fish
  • A small serration blade on the opposite side for cutting line, rope and frozen fish for burley.
  • The handle includes a shaft extractor at the back to help release a jammed shaft from the reef or rocks allowing in field corrections to bent spears.

The handle scales are solid glass-filled nylon and are bolted to the frame, ensuring a solid, positive grip. They are easily removed for the use of cleaning fish.

A unique elastic strap on the handle used to fix the knife to the hand offers security, added functionality and secure grip when accessing or retrieving the knife from the sheath.

A low profile sheath design built to slide securely on to a weight belt or work in conjunction with the optional Salvimar elastic armband.


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