Timberline GT

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  • Hybrid Barrel utilising the world renown Rob Allen Carbon Barrel with a Mahogany over sleeve to improve strength, rigidity and increase accuracy
  • New improved Rob Allen Vecta 2 Trigger and Handle is the industries most popular trigger mechanism
  • Open Muzzle for improved line of sight
  • Fitted with a 7.5mm double notch Spring Steel Shaft
  • Rigged with quality Black 400lb monofilament and a Gun Bungee with Snap Clip

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Leading Spearo’s have often argued over the best material to use for Speargun barrels, with discussion around the virtues of Wood with it’s increased density helping to minimise recoil and Carbon with it’s light weight and resistance to flex both having their followers.


The All New Rob Allen Timberline Speargun uses a hybrid type barrel combining the virtues of both Wood and Carbon to create an industry first. This super accurate Speargun is the Top of the Rob Allen Range featuring the industry best Rob Allen Carbon Barrel reinforced with a Mahogany Wood over sleeve which gives further strength and reduces recoil.


Perfectly balanced, the speargun deploys a Cuttlebone shape which helps streamline the Speargun when tracking your fish and then gives perfect stability upon firing for incredible accuracy.

Cuttlebone shaped barrel offers a hydrodynamic shape that reduces the barrels vertical profile making the speargun much easy to move through the water

Twin 16mm Rubbers pack a punch perfect for long range shots and bigger bodies fish.


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