14mm Pre-Made Rubber

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  • Highest quality Rob Allen latex rubber – Black 14mm
  • Dyneema cord bridle secured in place with constrictor cord
  • Ready to fit immediately to your gun without adjustment
  • Ideal for multi-band, quick load set ups
  • Reduced recoil with excellent speed on thinner shafts
  • Lengths (cm): 48, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
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Rob Allen pre-made power bands have been a favourite with customers the world over for years. The well known Blue 16mm bands have been used for everything from whiting to multi-band setups on Bluewater guns. With the launch and huge success of the Sparid Evo gun with twin black 14mm bands we now have Pre-made Black 14mm bands from Rob Allen to match.

Using the same High quality dipped latex as the popular and well known RA blue bands, the 14mm bands in black are ideal for fast loading and multi band setups. Reduced recoil and excellent speed with thinner shafts means faster more accurate shots on flighty species.

The bands use Rob Allen Antline for the bridles and a lightweight composite tie line to ensure solid reliable performance for hundreds of load cycles.


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