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It’s no secret Salvimar is one of the most innovative spearfishing companies in both Europe and the rest of the world. The Hero railgun is a new design aimed to create the quietest most robust and accurate gun possible.

Key Features

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy Elliptical Barrel

Teflon® Shaft Guide

Enlarged Profile For a Better Hydrostatic Trim

Ergonomic Handle With Left and Right Butt

New Heavy Metal 350 Trigger Mechanism (Muzzle load 350kg)

Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment

Chest Loading Pad of Soft Rubber

Handle with Hook for Line Fixing or Reinforced Snap Hook

Open Multi Band Muzzle

Standard Supplied Bridge To Turn It Into A Close Muzzle


300300/07575cm7,0mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm48cmREEL
300300/08585cm7,0mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm54cmREEL
300300/09595cm7,0mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm60cmREEL
300300/105105cm7,5mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm64cmREEL
300300/115115cm7,5mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm70cmREEL
300300/125125cm7,5mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm75cmREEL
300300/135135cm7,5mmDuble rubber Ø16,00mm80cmREEL

With a blank slate the design started from the handle:

  • High wrist revered trigger mechanism reduces felt recoil and increases accuracy, and aiming becomes more natural.
  • Available in left or right hand ergonomic grips inspired by target pistols, the handle resists recoil and torque reducing the chances of your trigger pull causing a miss.
  • Comfortable cushioned loading butt
  • Secure easy to use safety
  • Oversize Metal 350 roller trigger mechanism!

The metal 350 trigger mechanism is a beefed-up Salvimar metal trigger with metal injection moulded component roller sear, and reinforced stainless steel frame and line release. This is a tank that has been repeatedly tested to 350kg of load with no issues. You want a smooth load resistant trigger? This is it!

The handle includes a line guide to eliminate tangles and will free up your line of sight.

The barrel is another unique design using aerospace grade aluminium in a unique cattle bone shape to reduce muzzle lift and ease tracking of fans at moving fish. The barrel includes a unique Teflon rail which makes for a VERY quiet and fast shot. Internal turn barrel has a fibre reinforced polymer spine to reduce recoil, noise and increase accuracy.

An innovative muzzle works with a variety of band types and ensures the bands lay nicely when loaded, particularly with multi-band setups. The muzzle includes an integrated reel line guide and the ability to turn the head from open to closed style muzzle.

The gun comes factory with two high-stretch 14mm power bands made from quality Italian latex with quick-release dyneema bridles.

The Hero is a fantastic gun, at home in caves with the 85cm or the reef with the 105cm. Even bluewater with the 125cm has proven a deadly combination for many large Spanish Mackerel, Mahdi Mahdi and Tuna.


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