Metal Roller Gun

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  • Aircraft grade aluminium alloy barrel with continuous rail
  • Handle with Metal trigger mechanism
  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment
  • Removable chest loading butt pad
  • Roller muzzle “Formula R”
  • Capture shaft
  • Bands for loading support
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Salvimar has been a top-level Italian manufacturer for a decade, manufacturing specialised metal components for many of the world largest SCUBA and spearfishing brands.   


For the 2018/2019 season, Salvimar aimed to develop a value for money speargun with all of the latest technology.


The Salvimar Roller includes all of the development from the Salvimar range from the last 5 years plus new refinements to create a lightweight, manoeuvrable and powerful roller gun that will capture any fish you care to point it at.


3000R060 60cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 44cm
3000R075 75cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 48cm
3000R085 85cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 54cm
3000R095 95cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 60cm
3000R105 105cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 64cm
3000R115 115cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 70cm
3000R125 125cm 6.5mm Double rubber 16mm 75cm
  • Salvimar metal trigger mechanism and handle: this is an advanced reverse spear trigger system, which offers a greater loading length by 7cm compared to most other speargun models.
  • It includes MIM technology, internal stainless-steel components which are smooth and consistent on the trigger pull yet very robust. The innovative use of a roller on the trigger prevents binding of the internal stainless components which is a common issue with stainless steel reverse mechanisms.
  • The handle sits low in the hand which gives an excellent line of sight when aiming and significantly reduces the effect of recoil on accuracy. The handle also has an easily removable loading butt for those that prefer not to use them.
  • The side line release at the rear of the trigger can be used from the right or left side depending on your preference and adds around 20cm more shooting line than traditional line release systems.
  • The handle also includes the integrated Salvimar multi-mount which can be used with either a reel, camera mounts or breakaway systems and of course the roller band anchor hooks.
  • Salvimar vented barrel – the vented rail system Salvimar uses allows the gun to be tracked more easily with less resistance. This will help to track fast-moving species. The barrel is high-quality aircraft grade aluminium with matt finish anodised outer and integrated alloy rail.

Salvimar’s new roller head has a series of unique features which address many of the issues commonly found in roller head guns of the last couple of years. The head has a unique shape which helps to keep the spear secure while diving and keeps the bands in line with the spear and barrel.

The muzzle has the facility to run a tied in stinger band or anchor points for an inverted roller system. It also features wire line wrap hooks on either side to allow the gun to be easily rigged for left or right hand use with a double wrap of the shooting line.

The line anchor on the underside is robust and can be used as either a line guide for your reel or a more traditional line anchor with gun bungee. 


Salvimar Capture spear, the high-quality 17-4pH spring stainless spears are sharp straight and strong and feature the excellent MIM technology loading tabs. 


The new Roller delivers a gun that is cost-effective, versatile and fun to use. 

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